Bookroo Review & A Discount For You

Recently I was approached by the company Bookroo to see if I would be interested in doing a review of their monthly subscription box service. Not previously knowing what Bookroo was, I went and checked out their website and once I saw that their service was for kids books I was definitely intrigued in the company and doing the review. I was provided with a discount and paid the rest of the price (prices increased on Dec. 14th) of $19.99 myself and it comes with free shipping.

"About: Bookroo is a family company, run by 3 brothers and their wives. Our mission is to help kids fall in love with reading, and to make it convenient and affordable for parents to build their children’s libraries. The Bookroo Box delivers 2-3 adorably wrapped, curated children's books to your doorstep each month (for you to keep) in an effort to inspire love of reading through bringing the surprise and excitement of gifts to reading."

We're BIG book readers in this house, what with the mass amounts of books that we own and our countless trips to the library, so this was a win for us. Bookroo let's you choose between two different boxes. There is the board books box that comes with 3 different board books or there is the picture books box that comes with 2 books, which is what we picked. 

As you can see, we received the books Penguin Cha-Cha and Blue Chicken. They came individually wrapped up like presents which was super adorable, festive and fit with our background for the unboxing photos. Sine my son is 5 these books fit him perfectly and he had me read both of them in the same night. They're both cute stories but Penguin Cha-Cha is our favorite because who doesn't \love dancing penguins. Both books retail around $15 so this was a great value for the two of them.

This is definitely something that would be great for anybody that has kids no matter the age and wants to have a new variety of books to read each month. My youngest sister has a little boy that is about to turn 1 so I'm going to recommend this service with the board books box to her and it just so happens that I have a discount code for her, you and everyone else that is interested in trying out Bookroo. Click HERE and you will receive $4 off your first box. 

If you give Bookroo a try I hope you enjoy it and happy reading!

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