Christmas at the Ranch

There's a ranch here in Las Vegas that is open all year round and will let you come and feed their animals but during the holidays they decorate it and make the experience more special with the the things that they add. Last year we went to it during Halloween which you can see that post here. This year they added Christmas time to their ranch and while it didn't really have a huge Christmas feel to it like it does when they do Halloween, it was still a fun time for all of us. 

This is one of those pictures that says a million things and looking at it now all I can do is laugh. 

The smiling horse was my absolute favorite. I have a couple pictures of him posing for the camera and it was the greatest thing and awesome how interactive he was compared to the others. I love this ranch and how you can just stop by any day of the year and enjoy the animals. My son loves feeding them, especially carrots to the horses and the donkey. Reminds me of when I was little and would feed the horses at my moms work all of the time.

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