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Are you planner obsessed because I know that I am but it wasn't until recently that I actually started using them. Sounds silly I know but it's true. I've always owned planners but it wasn't until the past few months that I actually started using them. Between work, my son starting school and remembering things that I wanted to do or spending time with friends, I just couldn't keep track of everything mentally. So since I know that there are many people out there just like me with a love for planners I thought that one of my Holiday Gift Guides should be about the various types of planners out there.

                              $11.99 Studio Oh! -  £45.00 Filofax - $35 Tiny Blossoms - $9.99 Sugar Paper
                                       $20 Cavallini & Co Vintage - $79.95 Leather Time
                      $36 Rifle Paper Co - $12.99 Almond Blossoms - $34 Lily Pulitzer - $36.95 Brushstroke Gold Foil

There are so many amazing planners out there and some are bound to fit everyone's needs. For awhile now I have been lusting over the planners from Erin Condren and more recently inkWELL Press. I think that when you are really into planning and take the time to use them efficiently that they are worth the money and are like a yearly scrapbook of the things that you did. Another big reason as to why I am loving them and plan on keeping mine to look back on in years to come. 

So if you know someone that would love a pretty cool planner than I hope this guide will give you a bit of help. And if you do get someone a planner for Christmas this year, something that would be pretty neat to do would be to write them a note on a sticky note or piece of paper and hide it in the planner. I know that if I found that in a planner for me that I would love it. 

Do you have your eye on a specific planner for next year?
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Happy Planning!

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