Sephora | Wishes Come True Palette

Saying that I like this palette is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely adore it and how could I not. It is super festive with all of its holiday themed names and the colors are just beautiful. They make me want to get all dressed up to go somewhere with my festive face on. I found this palette in the Sephora check out line and could not pass it up but it is also available online.

Sephora Collection Wishes Come True Eye and Face Palette $15

Once you slide the doors open to the palette, which is a super cute added function, you see that the palette comes with 6 eyeshadows in gorgeous colors, a pink blush and 2 highlighting luminizers.

The three top shadows ( Take a selfie, Cafe latte and Creamy cashmere ) are very matte while the bottom three shadows ( Friday night, Scented candle and Pretty pearls ) are shimmery. All six of the shadows are velvety soft but slightly dusty and highly pigmented aside from Creamy cashmere which is more of a base or eyebrow highlight shade. Friday night, when applied, isn't as shimmery as the other two and comes out more as a matte shadow with some glitter shimmer randomly through it. If applied wet, it may come out differently with the shimmer being more intense since it will be more confined to one area instead of swept around with the brush.

The two highlighters are very pretty and if you like a good highlight like I do especially during the holiday season, than you will enjoy these two.  Nighttime glow is more of a peach highlighter which I love on my super pale skin and Midnight magnificence is a golden highlight which would be beautiful on someone with a darker skin tone than myself.

The blush is a nice light pink shade without any shimmer in it. Perfect for makeup looks that have bold eyes or lips that you don't want your cheeks to clash with. No need to blend this bush a lot which I love because Bozo the clown cheeks are not exactly my go to makeup trend.

So far, Scented candle is my favorite shade but I can't wait to give them all a go this month. This palette would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for any makeup lover.

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