Disneys The Finest Hours Movie Review

I was provided with 2 free press passes to view this movie for review purposes.
My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Images are provided by the movie company.

When I walked into the theater to watch this movie all I knew about it was that it was set in the 1950's, the two main stars of the film were Chris Pine and Casey Affleck and that most of the films setting was in the water. I was prepared to be bored during the film but once I got past the slow beginning I actually found the film riveting and it had my attention.

Like I mentioned before, I thought the film started out a bit slow. I was wanting to get to all of the action but the beginning started out with the love story between Chris Pine and Holliday Grainger characters. Personally I do not think that the romance in the film was necessary for it to be entertaining and I am not sure if there was a romantic line to the true history that the film is based on. It might have just been added to the story so it wouldn't be strictly an action flick for the enthusiasts but also something for the romantic heart.

The film does go back and forth between the three different story lines of Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Holliday Grainger's characters. So you definitely have to pay attention to know what is going on in the movie on both sides. I made the mistake of using the restroom at a point that was apparently intense. Casey Affleck's story line I found to be more riveting and interesting for what was going on in the ship as opposed to the others.

What Chris Pine's character did was no easy feet or a waste of screen time and definitely needed to be told because without him no one would have survived that night. But most of his screen time was spent on the water sailing through the rough seas with three other men on a tiny boat that could only fit a total of twelve people. If those guys never got sick filming those scenes getting drenched all of the time I would be surprised.

Most CGI in movies is very noticeable yet the waves that they sailed through and the scenes with the ship were so realistic looking. There were times when they were going through the waves that it seemed like they were just surfing through them. We watched the film in 3D which made the rain and every water scene come to life that much more. It's definitely a movie worth seeing and enjoying maybe for a date night.

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