Happy & Thankful to be Alive

Yesterday morning was probably the scariest morning that I have ever had in my entire life. The day started out like any other morning. Ignoring my alarm clock and getting up a little bit later, arguing with my son to wake up and get ready for school and getting his lunch ready. I wanted to start getting him to school on time and not when the bell rang and I did that. We got there only a few minutes after the gates had opened so he had some time to play with his friends before beginning his Monday at kindergarten.

We live just about around the corner so I turned onto our street and stayed behind the car in front of me as I slowly made my way to my house listening to some music. Still behind the black car I was probably not even 10 houses away from my own house when I saw this maroon car come speeding and swerving from the direction that we were heading. Everything that followed after I saw that car felt like I was in a movie and not at the good part.

As I was screaming, cussing and just plain asking what the hell is going on I watched as that maroon car came speeding into our side of the street and crash into the black car in front of me so hard that the black bounced into the air and landed in someones driveway. The black car had no chance of avoiding the hit even though they tried.

Dumbstruck I watched all of this unfold as words flowed out of my mouth and then I realized that the maroon car was not stopping. He was coming head on at me and my car. More words came out of my mouth as I stomped on the gas pedal to get my car over to the other side of the street and to not get hit. He barely hit missed hitting my car by maybe a foot or so and stopped another few car lengths behind me.

Close to hyperventilating and shaking so bad I got out of my car to asses everything, in my pajamas still might I add, and saw the debris of the black car everywhere. The black car had a family with maybe a 2 year old little girl inside of it and thank god that none of them were hurt and that they were all able to walk away from that. The driver of the maroon car was found to be under the influence of something and was taken away.

Somebody was watching out for me that morning and had to of helped me get my car away as quickly as I did because being that stunned at seeing what just happened in front of me I am surprised that my reaction time was that fast. It took awhile for my body to calm down and then it dawned on me a few hours later that had that black car not of been in front of me, it would have been my car that would of gotten hit. I have neck and bodily damage from an accident in 2007 that causes issues and pain everyday so who knows how I would have came out of that had I been hit. I am just beyond thankful that no one was injured and that everyone was able to walk away and that my son was not in the car.

It's crazy that you can have bad, depressing and what have you days but when you come close to getting hit head on or in general it makes you extremely happy to be alive. Life is worth living no matter the bad days because they are just a section of a chapter in a book that is your life.

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