Review.coms Extensive Mascara Research

I don't know about you but I am a mascara junkie. In my mascara basket I currently have almost 10 different mascaras which sounds pretty ridiculous but I can't help myself. I'm always on the hunt to find the right mascara that works for me and makes my lashes look the way that I want. But it never fails, it's either the formula or the wand that doesn't seem to fit right. Reviews.com reached out to me to share their findings on different mascaras which I found pretty informative and interesting enough to share.

"In order to find the best, that one mascara that could transform lashes of all ilk into the long, thick, and curly ones we pine after, we consulted four beauty experts, read dozens of publications and reviews, and tested 15 of the top formulas. After all this research, it was clear why some mascaras have a cult following — the best options can seriously upgrade your natural eyelashes and still leave you in complete control over how minimalist or maximalist you want your look to be." - Quoted from them.

Their info graphic above I found pretty cool and informative in itself. So if you're interested in checking out the rest of the research that they found and have to share, click here to head over to their site and check it all out. 

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