Wizard of OZ Nail Art Design

If you like any of the many Wizard of OZ stories like I do than you just might like today's post. I'm turning the infamous yellow brick road into a nail art design. It's actually pretty easy to do and I wish that I had longer nails because this design would look even better on them.

I only used a handful of products to create this design which makes it even better.

Products I used:
Black & yellow acrylic paint (comes off with water)
Top coat (protects everything from wearing off)
Zoya polish "ZIV"
Color Club polish "Wild Cactus"
A thin fine tipped paint brush (toothpicks work great as well)
And of course a paint palette & a cup of water

I started out by taking the Color Club polish and painting each one of my nails two coats with it. After I let my nails completely dry I then took some yellow paint onto my paint palette and with my fine tipped brush, I painted the tips of my nails. Starting with my pinky I gradually increased the size that I was painting on each nail to resemble the length of the road being a long one to get to the Great and Magical OZ.
Acrylic paint doesn't take very long to dry so I was soon able to start turning the yellow road into a brick one. With the black acrylic, my brush and a toothpick I went along and drew lines here and there making sure that they were off centered from each other. This way they actually look more like a road instead of just black lines.

When I got to my thumb I took the Zoya polish and just painted the word OZ to represent the Emerald city.

I think this design is super fun, easy to do and great because you can switch things up and make it more intricate and if you can paint the Emerald city that would make it even cooler looking.

What is your favorite Wizard of OZ story?

I love Wicked and the book series Dorothy Must Die which is completely different awesome and I love it.

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