Its a Weird Friday

Am I the only one having a weird Friday today because it sure is feeling weird for me and it's not yet 10:30 in the morning as I type this. Maybe it's just me and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or didn't get enough sleep but I am feeling all sorts of emotionally off right now. Do you ever have days like these where you just don't feel like your calm and collected self and cry for whatever reason even if it's just a tear or two when normally you wouldn't. That is me at right this moment and I'm not all that sure what's causing it.

Maybe it's the fact that I don't feel like I'm doing enough for or with my son. More like the with part since he had this whole week off from school and has been stuck at home with his great grandma and I have been at work and not able to give him a cool Spring break. Last week I missed most of the week from work since I got hit pretty bad with some allergy cold thing plus the stomach flu or I would have taken a day off or two and just spent it with him doing cool things. I really feel bad that he's stuck at home and not able to have fun. I'm taking him out tomorrow for something pretty cool so hopefully that will kinda make up for it.

Maybe it's from being sick for over 2 weeks now and feeling worn out from it. I have a stupid cough which thankfully isn't as bad as it was but still annoying and I have laryngitis. I never knew how annoying it must be to not have a voice or not have it properly until now and it truly is a big pain in the rear. When I went to pick up my medication Monday night the pharmacy clerk was treating me like I was deaf which was odd and made me feel a bit for those that are. People truly do treat others differently when they are "different" from themselves it seems.

Then there are all of the emotions and feelings that comes with liking a particular person but that is a whole other can of worms and maybe a future post.

It could be that while I am beyond thankful that I have a job I don't feel like I am using everything that I know and went to school and paid lots of money to learn about to the fullest. I've been reevaluating my career path and what I want to do and thinking about going back to school. Right now I am an office manager but I want to do more than what I am doing and I would like to get into event planning since I've enjoyed what little we've done here in regards to events but even when I was getting my degree I loved my event planning class and thought that that might be a path for me.

Things are just getting to me today and it's annoying on top of some things annoying me or they make me cry. I can't wait to get off work (I'm on my break typing this) and go home and be with and do something with my son. He fell at the store last night and hit his head pretty hard which made me just want to be with him today. But alas, I must adult today. And when I am typing about my son I start to cry so I think I have found the cause behind my emotional issue today. Sometimes as a parent and a single one I feel like I'm doing good and then beat myself up because I missed the deadline to sign him up for soccer or something. And the little monkey just called me reminding me that I forgot something of his in my car that I was supposed to take out last night. Ugh oops. It's just one of those days and right now I want to watch movies with the kiddo and binge on mint cookies and cream ice cream.

If this is a long winded and whiny post I'm sorry but not sorry. I felt like writing and sharing more of what I am actually thinking and feeling for once because I rarely do and I know that there has got to be many others that feel this way sometimes to. I think the thing to remember is that we might have days like today but they don't last long, tomorrow is a new day and soon I can go home and chill while my ice cream washes away the day.

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