Meet the Blogger Behind: Alyssa May

Good morning everyone! I hope you have been enjoying this new series and getting to know some new blogs and the bloggers behind them. This week we get to meet 20 year old Alyssa May and her self titled blog.

1.       What or who inspired you to create your blog?
I first started with Instagram– that was my platform where I could express my love for fashion and #OOTD’s. Though I was constantly made fun of for it, I didn't care because I LOVED it! I soon discovered fashion bloggers and found myself admiring what they did. As much as I loved Instagram, I needed a creative outlet where I could do even MORE. My friends I made through Instagram constantly encouraged me to make a fashion blog, so after couple years of debating on it, I finally got myself to do it! And I couldn’t be any happier! :)

2.       What is your #1 favorite thing about blogging and why?
Interacting with so many amazing people! I love finding new blogs to comment on and it makes me extremely happy when I see a comment on mine as well. I’ve met some of my closest friends through blogging! Before this, no one in my life really understood my love for fashion and blogging, so it’s such an amazing feeling to connect with people who do!

3.       What main topics do you blog about?
I focus mainly on fashion and my own personal style! I also throw in a little bit of beauty and lifestyle as well!

4.       When you’re not blogging, what do you enjoy doing?
Does eating count? haha. But seriously, I really do enjoy discovering new trendy places to eat during my free time!

5.       What has been your favorite place to visit and explore?
I haven’t traveled to many places yet, but for now I’d have to say Hawaii!

6.       Do you blog as a hobby or is it your job?
I blog as a hobby. Though I sometimes make a small amount of money from it, it would be impossible to live off it! But maybe one day. In the meantime, I’m a social media manager for a clothing boutique.

7.       Where would you like to take your blog in 5 years?
Hmm, that’s a good question. Honestly, I’m not sure! I just hope that I continue blogging and just constantly improve my content along the way.

8.       What has been the hardest thing that you’ve encountered since you began blogging?
Comparing myself to other bloggers. It’s SO easy to get caught up in numbers! I’d look at other bloggers, see all their amazing content and success, and it would seriously put me in the worst mood. To the point where I would almost convince myself to quit blogging because I thought "I wasn't good enough". It's definitely tough but I continue to remind myself that blogging truly makes me happier and that's what matters. Don't let those things discourage you, let them INSPIRE you.

9.       From your experience, what’s one tip that you would give to a new blogger?
Don’t get discouraged by numbers. Like I mentioned earlier, it's so easy to get caught up in! You may be worried that no one is reading your content or maybe you're wondering why you can't get as many followers as another blogger. But just remind yourself why you’re doing this and continue to put out work that YOU love. Your hard work WILL pay off!

10.   What are your top 3 must watch tv shows?
Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Baby Daddy! I love a good comedy!

11.   What is something about you or that you that makes you unique?
Hmm, omg, is it sad that I can’t think of any thing at the top of my head? Well anyways, here's a fun fact: I can eat fettuccine Alfredo ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

12.   Do you have a historical or currently living icon that you look up to? Why?
I’m going to be boring and say MY MOM. Not sure if that counts for this question, haha. But I truly look up to her. She has been my strongest supporter. Many people don’t support blogging and how I want to pursue a career in fashion, but she is the one person who does. She’s my #1 fan and it makes me want to work even harder!

13.   What is the one blog post that you are the most proud of hitting the publish button on? 
Even though most of my posts are fashion related, the ONE post I’m most proud of is my “5 Things I Realized in 2015” post. It’s the first time I was ever personal on my blog! It’s quite difficult for me to ever open up so I’m proud of that.

14.   What is your favorite season and the one thing that you look forward to during it each year?
I love Fall! I live in Los Angeles, so summer is just scorching hot for us. I’m always looking forward to the cooler weather during fall and winter! I also love being able to wear coats and boots.

15.   Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself, your life or your blog?
I recently made a YouTube channel! Just another passion that I’m pursuing! :) I love being able to be creative on SO many platforms. Check it out at YouTube.com/alyssamaym. Pursing my passions has truly made me so much happier so I encourage all of you who are reading this– DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! xx

Thank you Alyssa for sharing some things about you and your blog and letting us get to know you.

You can keep up to date with Alyssa by following her on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course her blog.

Stop by next Wednesday for another "Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog" to meet another amazing blogger.

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