Meet the Blogger Behind: Housewives of Frederick County

Greetings and salutations. So I am a day late on this weeks Blogger series post but things have been a bit busy lately with work, a cranky-tired 6 year old, signing back up for school and I just joined the gym to get back in shape. But I figured that a day late is better to do instead of no post at all. So I give you Terri Lemere. She is in her 40's and blogs over at Housewives of Frederick County with her twin sister. Be sure to check out her interview below before you hop on over to her blog to check it out.

1.       What or who inspired you to create your blog?  
My twin sister, Pam, and I have always wanted to have a joint venture! We had been following a friend of a friend's blog and saw how fun and successful her blog was, and we decided that we'd like to try it!  We wanted a great excuse to spend time together while having fun and making some money.

2.   What is your #1 favorite thing about blogging and why?  
It's got to be the fact that Pam and I get to "do business" together.  Our blog has given us opportunities that we never thought we'd have, and it's taken us out of our "comfort zones" in a good way.  It's allowed us to explore our town and document the beauty of it too!

3.       What main topics do you blog about?  
Our town of Frederick, healthy eating, fitness, beauty, current events, seasonal topics, recipes, reviews of products/places, family issues, pets - lifestyle topics.

4.       When you’re not blogging, what do you enjoy doing?  
Working out at our local crossfit gym, singing karaoke or listening to our favorite band at the local pub with our husbands and friends, spending time with our kids (I have 2 teen boys, and Pam has a tween boy), spending time with family and friends, watching Real Housewives shows, traveling.

5.       What has been your favorite place to visit and explore?
Well, lately, I have had such a desire to return to the Caribbean for a vacation! So, I'd have to say St. Maarten is my absolute favorite place to visit and explore.

6.       Do you blog as a hobby or is it your job?  
Kind of both.  We have monetized it to a point, but not to the point that we would like it to be.  I am also an Occupational Therapist and I work very part-time doing environmental assessments for clients who may be at risk of not being able to live independently/safely in their own home.

7.       Where would you like to take your blog in 5 years?
We would LOVE for it to become more automated, have more sources for passive income, have an increased readership, have guest posts - we'd like for it to be more of a business.

8.       What has been the hardest thing that you’ve encountered since you began blogging?
I would say time management has been THE biggest challenge.  Trying to keep up with all of the trends, changes, algorithms, etc. has made this issue even tougher!

9.       From your experience, what’s one tip that you would give to a new blogger?
Comparison is the thief of joy.  Not sure who originally said that, but it's genius.  You HAVE to maintain your "voice" and just do you.  THAT is what will draw readers to you and that's what will keep them interested in what you have to say.  If you write things that YOU are passionate about, the rest will fall into place.

10.   What are your top 3 must watch tv shows?
The Walking Dead, The Real Housewives of the OC, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

11.   What is something about you or that you that makes you unique?  
I'm an identical twin.  Pam and I portrayed another set of real-life twins on Investigation Discovery's "Evil Twins"!

12.   Do you have a historical or currently living icon that you look up to? Why?
Princess Diana was such a beautiful role model.  She handled herself with such grace, and championed for great causes.

13.   What is the one blog post that you are the most proud of hitting the publish button on?

14.   What is your favorite season and the one thing that you look forward to during it each year? 
Spring is my favorite season - I guess the thing I love about Spring is that everybody comes out of hibernation, flowers are blooming, the grass is the greenest, birds chirping and I seem to feel a renewal.

15.   Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself, your life or your blog?
Just that I love life :)  I love my sons, and I love my Southern boy hubby.  I love my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Stella.  I feel so blessed, and even though my life is quite far from perfect, I just feel so lucky to have the love that I have in my life :)

Thank you Terri for sharing some things about you and your blog and letting us get to know you.

You can keep up to date with Terri by following her on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course her blog.

Stop by next Wednesday for another "Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog" to meet another amazing blogger.

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