Disneys Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Review

I was provided with 2 free VIP passes to view the advanced screening for review purposes.  
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I have been waiting for Alice Through the Looking Glass to come out ever since I heard that Disney had put a green light on the sequel to the first Alice in Wonderland movie. I've never read the books before so I wasn't at all sure what to expect for this movie and watching the trailers for it didn't give me much to go on either. So when the film started playing and I had no idea what was going on and it was all different than what I thought it might be I was rather pleased. I always hate knowing how a movie is going to play out before I've even gotten to the end of it. 

The screening was in 3D like all of the others that I have attended and I'm actually becoming accustomed to it and actually like it now. The movie is so much more life like and fascinating that it makes it a bit more enjoyable to watch and get lost in that movies world. Getting lost in Alice Through the Looking Glass would be so easy to do and I don't mean plot wise. 

Those in charge of bringing the world of Wonderland to life with all of the effects did a pretty outstanding job of it which for a film that is mostly made up of CGI I think is necessary. Wonderland was so bright and colorful this time around as opposed to the first film which was a bit on the dark and drab side since the Red Queen and her giant head was ruling the land. In the goings on of this sequel you actually get to find out how the Red Queens head got to be so big and why she hates her sister. I liked this playback since it answered the question of why her head is jumbo sized that I've been wondering about since the first film. 

I've honestly never been a fan of anything that Sacha Baron Cohen has done before so I was a bit skeptical on how I would like him in this film as Time itself but I was actually pretty impressed by his portrayal. Of course I don't have anything else to compare the role to but I think he did it justice in the way that he brought the character to life. The humor that he normally does in his movies that is funny to some and odd to others (I'm part of the others it seems) didn't seem to show up as he played out the role of Time or I just completely missed it but I thought Time was actually a really strong character especially since he was a main role in this film and a much needed one at that. His very well done acting along with the special effects team seriously brought this oddly interesting character to a whole new level and I'm not sure if any other actor could have done Time the justice that Sacha Baron Cohen did.

I thought that the Mad Hatter was a bit different in this film than he was in the first film, voice wise and I actually went back and watched a few clips from Alice in Wonderland where he is talking to see if he was different or if it was just me. And at times he is different and other times he isn't really that different. I think in the first film from the clips I re-watched he had these moments of gruff roughness to his voice that reminded me a bit like Captain Jack but not entirely and I liked those moments but then he also talked with this odd voice with a possible lisp or something to it. That is mostly how he was talking in Through the Looking Glass but played up a lot more and it was kind of bothering me. Like it was done over the top to the next level or something but it could also be the stages throughout the film that the Hatter was in. There were the times where he was playing a younger Hatter, a Hatter going even madder and then the regular Hatter and he even got a makeover for this film with a new wig that looked like he used conditioner and hair oils since it was perfectly curly and not all crazy frizzy.

Sequels sometimes tend to be on the pretty bad side of reviews but I actually quite liked this film and possibly more than the first one which is saying something for a sequel. But nothing can beat Disney's animated Alice in Wonderland from 1951 that I absolutely fell in love with. Honestly, that is by far one of my absolute favorite cartoon movies that I can watch a billion times and would one day like to get a tattoo that I've thought of based on the film. Thankfully for this film the plot wasn't a hard one to keep up with and they didn't rush it or make it confusing since various stories were going on inside of the one which can sometimes get tangled up but instead this flowed together for the almost 2 hours that it lasted. Even though at one point I thought we were coming to an end but it kept going and I was wondering why but it played out the way it should have.

The beginning-ish of the film did make me do one thing. It made me miss the talent of Alan Rickman.

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