MARVELs Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

I was provided with 2 free vip passes to view the advanced screening for review purposes. 
All opinions are 100% my own. 

I am going to be one of the absolutely rare people here and say that I wasn't all that impressed with this movie. Now, I love MARVEL. I really do and normally generally enjoy all of the movies. I mean, come on, I did decorate my office at work in the Avengers with a few bits of Spider-Man here and there. But after all of the hype of this movie for so long I just wasn't feeling it and here's why.

The movie is around two and a half hours long which is a lot of movie and usually when a movie is that long or longer it can be a bit drawn out which I feel like this one was. There were so many story lines rolled into this one movie and everything just seemed long and drawn out. Yes, there was a lot of action scenes but it felt like they were coming in spurts. Like here is an action sequence......now here is a lot of dialog about such and such.....another action sequence....and so on for the entire movie. It just didn't seem like it flowed properly and cohesively. 

That and I don't think that they gave the Black Panther a strong enough introduction. To me he was a big part of the film due to what happens into it but I don't think that he got enough substance in the film. Especially as a new character in this universe even though he does have his own film coming out. Honestly, I think those are my main two complaints about the film. Have you seen the fourth Harry Potter film before? Of course I have since I'm a Potterhead but that is the one film out of all eight of them that I feel was rather choppy and did not flow together properly. Exactly how I feel about this film. 

Don't get me wrong, the action in the film was pretty freaking awesome and I love the random MARVEL characters that popped up here and there. Especially the one action scene where Spider-Man comes into play, which is actually where I started to enjoy the movie more and wasn't as bored. Can I just say that I think somebody finally picked a proper actor to play Peter Parker for once. It sure did take a long time for it to happen. And the end fight between Captain America and Iron Man was pretty sick. Who do you think wins it? 

I'll definitely of course buy the movie to add to my collection and maybe once I see it again I'll like it some more but for the first time, I wasn't wow'd all that much which is a bummer. I think that I may have gotten confused to with the different story lines that were going on in the film because to me there were quite a few that were all entangled together. And I never thought that I would be on the side of Captain America but after the film and the reasons behind the sides of Captain America and Iron Man, I definitely chose Captain America surprisingly. 

Who's side are you on?

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