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Another month of disappointing products in my Ipsy bag. If you are new to Ipsy, it is a monthly service that costs $10 here in the US that sends you 5 beauty products that are normally sample sizes while sometimes you will get a full size product or two in your bag. Each month the bags are different and the products are supposed to be specially tailored to the quiz that you take and can re-take at anytime if your preferences change.

The bag itself isn't all that bad and is actually kind of cute but I'm not exactly sure how functional it is since it opens like an envelope and close with a snap button. Pretty sure all of my products would probably fall out of it. It is cute though with the images of different places in the world, hence the theme for this month. These are the products that I received this month along with the breakdown of how much each product costs and a mini review for a few since I did try out a couple things already. Let me know in the comments if you got this months bag and what you thought of your products!

BelláPierre Cosmetics
Nude Gel Lip Liner Pencil
Weight: 5.1 g/0.180 oz
Cost: £20.00
This appears to be the full-size product. I'm not into lip liners at all really but I thought that I would give it a try anyways and after applying it I wish that I hadn't. This product was absolutely horrible on my lips. For one it smelled really bad and nobody wants something under their nose all day that stinks. Secondly, it is was beyond drying on my lips and made every crack, crevice and piece of dead skin show up. I tried taking it off with a piece of toilet paper and had tp fuzz all over my lips. I literally had to scrub the crap off. Fail!

Lip Treatment
Weight: 5 ml
Full-Size Cost: $25.00 & 15g
This product contains kukui nut which I have never heard of but my son has a deadly nut allergy so I won't be using this product. Fail!

Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio
Weight: .07 oz
Full-Size Cost: $9.99 & 0.10oz
I gave this a go when I went out Friday night and for my first time using Pacifica eye shadows I really wasn't that impressed. If you're looking for some opaque payoff and your eyelids to look the color of what is in the pan, this isn't the eye shadow for you. And yes, I am a Jedi haha

X-Rated Mascara
Weight: .10 fl oz
Full-Size Cost: $22.00 & 0.3oz
This is the second Smashbox mascara that I've gotten in an Ipsy bag so far. The bristles on the wand are seriously weird and I'm not so sure that I'll like it but since I am a mascara junkie I'll definitely give it a try.

Hungry Hair Oil Treatment
Weight: 10 ml
Full-Size Cost: $20.00 & 3.38oz
I don't really use anything like this even though I believe there are some sitting in my cupboard but with as much as I color my hair I really should start.

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