Summer Maxi Dresses

Dresses are one of my staples for dealing with the high temperatures when Las Vegas starts heating up. Surprisingly it's super windy today which brought in complete cloud coverage but I'm not complaining since I love these days the most. Maxi dresses are perfect since they look very chic, can be dressed up or down and you can wear them to pretty much any event and look completely put together even if you woke up late. Not to mention that they are extremely comfortable and totally hide your legs which is especially good for those quick days where you forgot to shave your legs.

These five are some of the most recent ones that have caught my eye and would fit into my closet just nicely. Even though I may have gone to Ross recently and bought quite a few dresses but what's a few more.  

I absolutely adore the middle one with the cat. It's just purrrrfect!

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