Finding Dory is Both Laughable and Heartwarming

It's been 13 years since Finding Nemo came out and until Ellen Degeneres announced that they were in the works on a sequel I thought that they were never going to make one but alas they finally did. While Finding Nemo and Finding Dory had a larger gap between them than other Pixar films like Toy Story and Toy Story 2 (2 & 3 were about 11 years apart) it was definitely worth the wait. 

Since I had my son in 2010 I have seen Finding Nemo numerous times on top of the many times that I watched it eve before he was born but it has never been one of my favorites. Now, Finding Dory was definitely up there on every level for me and I cannot wait to get it on dvd and place it into my rather large Disney movie collection. 

Ellen brought her a game to this film as of course the voice of Dory who is forgetful yet lovable. Dory is one of those characters that I find myself relating to in ways that I don't even understand yet I find myself sympathizing with her while I'm watching the film. And it doesn't hurt at all that I find her absolutely hilarious and keeps the laughter flowing. I also really like how she seems to not be the brightest fish in the sea but she always ends up teaching others, particularly Marlin, lessons in life, friendship and believing in others. 

Can we talk about the various new characters that were introduced in this film that were all amazing. I'm not a fan of any octopus but Hank and his crankiness grew on me by the end of the movie. From the sea lions, to a crazy bird, reoccurring characters from Finding Nemo, my absolute favorites to see were definitely the whales. Spoiler Alert..Dory can speak whale and we get to meet who taught her how. This movie is definitely a full ensemble cast with many laughs, a few tears and some awesome moments perfect for any family to enjoy.

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