It has Been Stressful Lately

Remember the "Dallas, Here We Come" post that I wrote last week? Well we are NOT moving to Dallas now. Things just weren't going right and caused so much stress and more. It just wasn't meant to be for many reasons and I'm kinda glad. It's not really where I wanted to move to and I was only going because of having to move but instead we are moving into a house across town here in Vegas for the time being.

It was not a change that I was supposed to make right now it seems. Plus, there is something wrong with my grandma to where she is partially blind in one eye so I have been taking her to doctor appointments to find out why and we have even more to go to. And in doing so I realized just how much she needs help sometimes taking care of herself in some ways. People ask if I'm going to let my family hold me back my whole life or live my life for them and not myself and I find that absolutely ridiculous. Pardon me if I believe that family should help and assist in taking care of other family instead of abandoning them when they need you.

Mine and my sons life are packed into boxes and tubs as we were waiting to leave to move all that way but now we are waiting the few weeks to move across town living out of boxes kinda. At least I don't have much left to pack up when we do. And I have a few new opportunities to look at regarding work that I am looking at so losing my job could be a blessing in the end. Who knows.

It's been super stressful like I said to to the point where I felt like I couldn't breath fully from all of the weight on my shoulders and the constant tears flowing down my face from the guilt and everything that I was feeling. But now things are starting to seem a bit better in that sense and that weight disappeared which is nice. Life is crazy and throws you for all sorts of loops but in the end I believe that some things happen in your life for a certain purpose.

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