Meet the Blogger Behind: Chelsea K. Ray

Are you ready for another weekly Wednesday series post? I hope so because here it is. This week we are getting to know Chelsea and her blog Chelsea K. Ray where you can see all sorts of posts of her latest and greatest fashion ideas and finds. I might be guilty of going through her post pictures seeing if I can get any ideas for my own wardrobe.

1.       What or who inspired you to create your blog?  
My Fashion Consulting Business drove demand for weekly fashion updates (i.e. my Fashion Blog).

2.       What is your #1 favorite thing about blogging and why?  
I love showing the funny and "real" side of everyday fashion.

3.       What main topics do you blog about?  
My blog focuses on affordable fashion that is accessible to everyone.

4.       When you’re not blogging, what do you enjoy doing?  
Vacationing with my family.  We visit Miami, FL regularly.

5.       What has been your favorite place to visit and explore?  
Miami has all the best of what I love.  Beaches, shopping and food!

6.       Do you blog as a hobby or is it your job?  
My first job is Fashion Consulting.  Blogging is a supplemental side business that supports the Consulting side.

7.       Where would you like to take your blog in 5 years?  
I'd like to become nationally known by my blog.

8.       What has been the hardest thing that you’ve encountered since you began blogging?  
I believe original images are important for a post, so finding a photographer to capture my looks can sometimes get challenging.  My tripod has become my best friend.

9.       From your experience, what’s one tip that you would give to a new blogger?  
There's a direct correlation between working hard and experiencing success.  The more you put into your blog, the  more you'll get out. 

10.   What are your top 3 must watch tv shows?  
ALL the Real Housewives.

11.   What is something about you or that you that makes you unique?  
I'm just shy of 6 feet tall.  Out of necessity, I personally alter most of my clothes.

12.   Do you have a historical or currently living icon that you look up to? Why?  
My mom always looked good when she walked out the door.  She always had her hair, makeup and spot on fashionable outfit going on.  She also let me explore fashion by making mistakes.  I learned quickly.

13.   What is the one blog post that you are the most proud of hitting the publish button on?

I titled it "My Best Accessory" and it featured my proudest accomplishment, my son, Michael.

14.   What is your favorite season and the one thing that you look forward to during it each year? 
I live in Maine.  It's cold here Fall, Winter and Spring.  Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year.  I love hitting the beach.

15.   Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself, your life or your blog?  
I worked in Accounting for years before I had my son.  I decided to take some time off work to dedicate myself to taking care of my family, but still felt a void.  Working in Fashion fulfills me completely and that comes through in my Blog: http://chelseakray.com

Thank you Chelsea for sharing some things about you and your blog and letting us get to know you.

You can keep up to date with Chelsea by following her on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course her blog.

Stop by next Wednesday for another "Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog" to meet another amazing blogger.

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