Chatting About my 1st Tattoo Experience | Video

For years I have wanted a tattoo. I'm not sure what started my love for them but all I have memory of is finding them (or at least most of them) beautiful and fascinating. You could say that I am definitely guilty of gawking at other peoples tattoos and attempting to not look like a creeper person but I'm sure I've probably been caught as one a few times. Some people just have the most interesting ones that I can't help to look at them like I might at a piece of art and since getting my tattoo I've people check it out and compliment it and it never really bothers me but then everyone has different mentalities on things.

It's taken me a seriously long time to finally brace myself enough to deal with sitting there for an extended period of time dealing with the pain of a needle going through my skin. But I finally did and I am rather happy that I did and honestly, I want more and feel funny with only having one tattoo but don't want to wait a long time again for my next one. Just need to put some thought into what I want next and where I want to put it.

Since this was my very first tattoo I thought that I would sit down and chat a bit about my experience getting it and what getting it actually means to me. It was a pretty big deal to me as it made me feel that I can do anything if I actually set my mind to doing it, which for someone like myself that always doubts what I can do, was a good and positive feeling. Thinking of doing something Disney next or for my son or the two combined together which might be cool.

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