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Welcome to Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog Wednesday. If you are new to this series it is wonderful to have you here. This is a weekly Wednesday series that I started back in February where I share the answers to 15 interview like questions that I have sent to other bloggers wanting to be a part of this. This is a great way to find other awesome blogs to read and people to connect with. If you are a blogger and would like to be a part of this series, send me an email via my contact page and I would love to talk with you.

This week we get to meet 52 year old Pam Johnston and her She Dwells in Possibility. She's a professor and shares some really rather interesting posts. The ones that she has about students is insightful as a past college student myself and as a mother with a son that is progressing through the school years.

1.      What or who inspired you to create your blog?

My mom. She passed away last summer, and she spent the last part of her life (after my father died) feeling so lost and being so fearful of everything. I didn’t want that to happen to another woman, so I took one of her favorite sayings--“You can’t dwell on it,” said in response to any adverse circumstance--and turned it around. And now I encourage my readers to dwell in possibility: to embrace all the possibilities life presents, without fear.

2.      What is your #1 favorite thing about blogging and why?

It lets me make a difference in people’s lives. This is also why I do my day job (I’m a professor), but blogging allows me to reach a much wider audience.

3.      What main topics do you blog about?

Goal setting, overcoming fears, and making transitions.

4.      When you’re not blogging, what do you enjoy doing?

I really love cooking, gardening, and crochet. I'm a dedicated home body.

5.      What has been your favorite place to visit and explore?

I’ve been to London twice and am planning another trip there soon. London is so packed with history, there’s always something new to experience.

6.      Do you blog as a hobby or is it your job?

Right now it’s a hobby, but I’d be delighted if it turned into a full-time job.

7.      Where would you like to take your blog in 5 years?

My blog is very new, so in 5 years I’m hoping to have a much wider readership. I’m also planning to write a series of e-books that I’ll sell via the blog. I’ve written and published a novel, but that happened via a traditional publishing house—writing an e-book will be a whole new adventure.

8.      What has been the hardest thing that you’ve encountered since you began blogging?

Figuring out my target audience. Originally, I planned to blog on topics of interest to women over 50. Then a number of younger women started saying things to me like “I know your blog isn’t really written for people like me, but I found today’s post really helpful.“ That helped me realize there was no reason to limit my audience: any woman going through a big transition or facing a fear, no matter her age, is part of the group I’m blogging for.

9.      From your experience, what’s one tip that you would give to a new blogger?

Make time for your writing—don’t expect to find time for it, because that won’t happen.

10.  What are your top 3 must watch tv shows?

I actually don’t watch much TV. I do enjoy the occasional Netflix binge, though. Longmire and The Returned are my go-to shows right now.

11.  What is something about you or that you that makes you unique?

I have an encyclopedic memory for song lyrics—songs I’ve heard only a handful of times stay in my head for years. I still remember songs I sang during music time in grade school.

12.  Do you have a historical or currently living icon that you look up to? Why?

Like a lot of women, I’m a huge fan of Eleanor Roosevelt. She lived her life on her own terms and made the best of many not-so-great situations, and today she’s remembered for her strength of character. What better legacy could any of us hope to leave behind?

13.  What is the one blog post that you are the most proud of hitting the publish button on?

Understanding Depression:  http://www.shedwellsinpossibility.com/understanding-depression/

This was a scary post to write because I talk about very personal issues, but I had a huge response to this post, all of it positive. Also, this post encouraged my daughter to speak more openly about her own struggles with mental illness, which helped her see how many people were ready to be supportive of her.

14.  What is your favorite season and the one thing that you look forward to during it each year?

I live in south Texas, so we really only have two seasons: summer and summer-ish. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and lived in the Midwest until I was 38, so I really thought I’d miss fall and winter when we moved to Texas—but as it turns out, I love warm weather. Still, I think I prefer the summer-ish months, because summer in south Texas is really, really hot.

15.  Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself, your life or your blog?

I publish a series of posts called “On Her Way” which features the stories of women making transitions. The first two posts, for instance, were from a woman who went back to college in her 40’s and graduated just as she turned 50. I would love to hear from any woman who has a story of transformation or transition that she can tell in 750-1000 words. (I’m also open to a two-part post, if you need a longer format.) Send a message to pam(at)shedwellsinpossibility(dot)com, if you’re interested. Let’s work together to share your story and inspire others!

Thank you Pam for sharing some things about you and your blog and letting us get to know you.

You can keep up to date with Pam by following her on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course her blog.

Stop by next Wednesday for another "Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog" to meet another amazing blogger.

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