Motivational Monday #7

I don't think people have a problem living in the moment because that is an easy thing to do. Going shopping and spending money buying all sorts of new things to play with later is a moment that many, like myself can easily live in to the point of spending far more than we should. Partying it up on a night out with friends is an easy moment to get lost in, enjoy and forget the day especially if you enjoy a few drinks or 2 or five. 

And there are so many other examples of living in the moment that I am sure many could relate to but what about simply living in not just the moment but the day. Have you lived a whole day that you can look back on and remember it being full of moments, memories and know that you lived that day to its fullest extent? I have some but they are few and far between and most days I feel as if I am just wasting them away. Not just with the mundane things in my day to day doings or mommy life but just by being lazy and choosing to be so over doing something that would make that moment possibly epic to look back on. 

Looking at my daily doings and seeing that I've wasted a lot of time on doing nothing makes me rather depressed. So if you're the same, lets get off our bums more days than not and use our time on this earth to do things that we wont wish we had done later. Whether it be starting out small with something like getting back into a gym routine like myself or going on a hike/stroll somewhere and taking pictures of nature, just get up and do it and live the day the way that you want to live it and shorten the lazy days down to be fewer and more special when you do them. 

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