24 Family Friendly Halloween Movies

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is all of the movies that come on tv or I pull out of my collection. Well, many of them I tend to watch year round if I am to be honest but when it gets close Halloween we tend to watch them over and over around here. I'm a big sissy when it comes to spooky movies and don't really like many of them and there are very few that I actually do like. So I am quite happy enjoying all of my family and child friendly movies year after year and since there are so many that my little dude and I enjoy, I decided to put them all together in this list to share with you even though Halloween is a few days away.

The Halloweentown series has become a huge hit with my son this year. He has been wanting to watch them over and over non stop and for a 6 year old who usually gets bored with what he's watching that is saying something. I don't mind because I think this is a super cute series and the fact that they made four movies was a first in the Disney movie franchise. 

Honestly, any Scooby-Doo movie is great for Halloween because they are all spooky and the original version of the tv show is just plain awesome. We just watched Toy Story of Terror last night and it was still cute as ever but then I love Toy Story movies in general. And who doesn't like the classics of Ichabod and Mr. Toad or the Buddies franchise of talking puppies with a bit of spookiness thrown in.

My son loves the Hotel Transylvania movies and we watch them all year round and same goes for the Pooh movies. Although I think the second Hotel Transylvania movie might be my favorite. Which one is yours?

Oh the classics. You can never go wrong with either one of these in my book. Addams Family is just plain awesome in itself, especially the tv show and the original Ghostbuster movies are the by far the best.

Hocus Pocus is probably my all time favorite Halloween movie EVER. I will watch this movie all year round it does not matter to me when in the year it is. The Haunted Mansion is cute but the ride at Disneyland is by far my favorite. And if you are around my age and grew up with the actor Devon Sawa then I'm sure Casper might be on your list just like mine. He was such a dream boat back then.

Charlie Brown is a classic pure and simple and when Fall comes around so does the Great Pumpkin. Even though it's a shorter movie, maybe 30 minutes if that, I absolutely adore it and put it on for the kiddo every year. This year is the first year that my son is actually getting into The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is one of absolute favorite characters because well he is just cool and not the conventional Disney character which I think is awesome. Monster House is pretty creepy in itself even for me as an adult but Curious George is a lot more light hearted with the lovable monkey.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list of our favorite family friendly Halloween movies and maybe found some new ones that you might not of heard of before. There are some others that we like but I didn't want to make this list any longer than I already did. I would love to know in the comments what your favorite Halloween movie is.

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