California Adventure Birthday Fun

Who's obsessed with all things Disney? I am. I am. If you didn't know that already. I have been obsessed with Disney for as long as I can remember and being from California originally I used to go as often as my parents would take me and at least went every single birthday. I even went one year for my birthday when I possibly had tonsillitis because even though I couldn't swallow without being in pain, I wasn't about to have a miserable birthday missing my favorite place. I have even gone twice as an adult when it was pouring rain here and there throughout the day. The second time was last year even and it was so much fun.

My birthday this year was super fun and a longer vacation than last year. If you've been following my blog for a bit than you might have seen that the day before my birthday we actually went to Knott's Berry Farm which was super fun. But I was so ready for it to be Monday and my birthday since my heart lives at Disneyland and thanks to the Disney Public Relations team for sending me two media park hopper passes so that we could go to both Disneyland and California Adventure my birthday was complete.

I took quite a few pictures and a lot of video that I'm breaking up into different posts just like I did with my footage from Knott's because otherwise each post and video would be extremely long. So I hope you enjoy seeing these bits from my birthday and if so be sure to come back for the next post.

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