Halloween Faux Mirror

Can I just say a big YAY for today. It is the first of October which means it's that much closer to Halloween. I so love this time of year but would love it even more so if the weather here in Las Vegas went along with the season. But since it is the 1st of October it's time to "officially" start decorating around the house and I have a quick little craft to share with you. It's super easy to make and you can customize it anyway that you would like.

Everything that I used for this I already had in my stash of crafting stuff except for the frame which I bought at Michael's I believe. When I had bought it I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but then I got the idea to make this faux mirror and think it's pretty cool. Since it is for Halloween I wanted to paint the frame black and decided to try out two different paint finishes seen below and ended up going with the matte finish which is the one on the left. I think it looks pretty dull but that's more of the look that I was going for in the end as to me Halloween isn't glossy.

After the paint dried I took some aluminum foil and shaped it to the size of the frame and just a little over so that I could glue it to the edges. I didn't want to use any kind of heavy duty glue since aluminum foil is pretty fragile and all I was gluing it to was the dainty wooden frame so I just took one of my many glue sticks and rubbed a good amount of it along the border and placed the aluminum foil on it to and left it to dry. Once it was dry I just took some black ribbon and died it to both ends so that I could hang it on the wall.
And that's it. You could and I really want to after looking at it, decorate it some more with maybe some cutout shapes of skulls, bats, pumpkins or something. You could really decorate it with anything which is a definite plus and makes it great for just about anyone. If you make something like tag me on any one of my social medias because I would absolutely love to see it and if I make a different, more decorated one I shall definitely share it with you here. Happy crafting!

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