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Hello first Wednesday of October, it is so nice to see you. Our first blogger to meet this month is 37 year old Tina Marie Ernspiker and her blog "Los Gringos Locos." Looking through her blog, She shares some really cool pictures, I particularly like the ones of the red bug, as a parent myself I have enjoyed reading her posts that have to deal with kids and parenting and her posts about living in Mexico are rather interesting for someone that has never been there like myself. 

1.       What or who inspired you to create your blog?
Los Gringos Locos came into being when we decided to sell all our belongings and move to South Mexico with four kids. That was in October 2013. Now my goal is to inspire through our adventures abroad. Although I am afraid I have gotten off track with my blogging. It has taken me a long time to figure out what I want my blog to be and I think I am just now forming a real plan for Los Gringos Locos and what I want it to accomplish.I have to stay focused!

2.       What is your #1 favorite thing about blogging and why?
Making people feel good either through photos or written words. Not every post can accomplish this because life is not always happy... but for the most part I find it easier to be positive and happy, than negative and sad.

3.       What main topics do you blog about?
Well, my new and improved tagline is "Life in Mexico with four kids, missionary work, home school, travel, ADHD, and a brain injury. Every day is a little loco!" I think that about sums up my topics. It is definitely a family lifestyle blog.

4.       When you’re not blogging, what do you enjoy doing?
Besides the things mentioned in my tagline, I spend time as a photographer, playing WII with my kids, napping with my three-year-old, watching CSI with my husband after the kids are asleep, and teaching myself to crochet.

5.       What has been your favorite place to visit and explore?
That's a tough one. I don't think I have a favorite. I love traveling and exploring. Every place I have been too has it's own special place. Right now we are having a lot of small adventures in Mexico. Mexico really is a beautiful country with lovely people.

6.       Do you blog as a hobby or is it your job?
Hobby. With that said, it would be nice to supplement our income with some pocket change. We could use it for savings or travel. We live on a budget in Mexico on Brad's disability from his brain injury and we try to give time and energy to our missionary work.

7.       Where would you like to take your blog in 5 years?
Honestly I would simply like to have fun and be proud of my writing and photography. I am tired of numbers. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the blog about where Los Gringos Locos and I are heading, and more importantly, why?

8.       What has been the hardest thing that you’ve encountered since you began blogging?
1. Finding time with four kids, homeschooling, and our missionary work. 2. Writing my first "blasting" opinion piece. I didn't like the responses. I hurt people rather than helped them. I stand by my opinions but I think people in this society need and want more happiness. This doesn't mean we have to agree with something we feel strongly about. It just means we respect that others have their own views and "blasting" our opinions is not going to change anything.

9.       From your experience, what’s one tip that you would give to a new blogger?
Start with a great design. Keep it modern and light. Do lots of research. Stick with Wordpress.org. Take great photos and share them on your blog. Learn basic SEO. Practice proper grammar and writing skills. I guess I could go on and on ;-)

10.   What are your top 3 must watch tv shows?
CSI with my hubby, Once Upon A Time with my girls, and that is probably it! I don't think I have 3.

11.   What is something about you or that you that makes you unique?
I have a huge birthmark on my neck that I don't hide. Most people think it's a hickey, which I find amusing. A lady at McDonald's once told me with pride that she had one of those too, and she started giggling. I told her mine was a birthmark and I was born with it. She became quiet and turned a light shade of embarrassed. I got a kick out of that ;-)

12.   Do you have a historical or currently living icon that you look up to? Why?
King David and Apostle Peter are some of my favorite historical Bible characters. They both made some serious mistakes and God forgave them and loved them. I make mistakes every day and I need people to forgive and love me too. We all do right? That is what being human is all about.

13.   What is the one blog post that you are the most proud of hitting the publish button on? 
Hmmmm.... I don't know. Everyone seems to love my photography.
​Palenque - Beautiful Mexico Photography
 has been really active on StumbleUpon. It is my most popular post thus far.

14.   What is your favorite season and the one thing that you look forward to during it each year?
Summer! The wonderful thing about living in Southern Mexico's mountains is that our temperatures stay between  55 and 85 year around. It's always summer here, and only gets a little cooler at nights or when it rains.

15.   Is there anything else that you would like to share about yourself, your life or your blog?
Live simple. Love large. Laugh a lot. Learn always. If you want to tag along on our life journey just visit Los Gringos Locos. Whether you are searching for inspiration, laughter, or adventure, it can all be found there!

Thank you Tina for sharing some things about you and your blog and letting us get to know you.

You can keep up to date with Tina by following her on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram and of course her blog.

Stop by next Wednesday for another "Meet the Blogger Behind the Blog" to meet another amazing blogger.

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