Newly Acquired Planner Obsession Goodies

Well I have finally done it. No I didn't join the dark side, I did that a long time ago because Darth Vader is just awesome and I might have a crush on Kylo Ren. Nope, I have gone and joined this whole planning craze that I have been seeing all over the place on YouTube, Instagram and even on my personal Facebook. I mean, I get to have a valid reason to still be obsessed with stickers at my age so how could I not like this. I've been thinking of different ways in which to use my new planner as not just a planner but also kind of like a scrapbook (scrapbook paper is just too darn cute half the time not to use) but I'm just figuring things out and will of course share more in my adventures of planning. But for now, I just wanted to share in a video from my YouTube channel, It's all of the goodies that I bought to get myself started. And of course I have bought more bits and bobs since I filmed this video because well.....I think I have an obsession to add to my others. See the first picture which is some of the extra bits that I bought.

This is a look at my current week. Decided to try out a no white space week and used some of my scrapbook paper plus many stickers. This is so fun and I am already planning out how to decorate it next week since it's the last week before Halloween and I have lots of spooky goodies.

In the description of my video I put a list of the Etsy shops that I bought some of the stickers from but if you don't click over to there you can check them out in my favorites section over on Etsy.

Are you a planner? What are your favorite shops, accessories and fun bits & bobs?

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