The Best Top Coat for Wearable Nails

Nails Inc. has some of the prettiest colors when it comes to nail polish and every time I browse through Sephora I have to take a peek at what they have out at that time. After a lifetime of having my nail polish chip on me with 24 hours of painting them and trying out various top coats that still didn't prevent chipping I finally found a top coat that gives me what I want. The Nails Inc. 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar is by far the best thing to join my collection.

This top coat is super glossy and leaves my nails touch ready in 45 seconds. I still sit there with my hands splayed out just because I don't want to take any chances on hitting them on anything. But if I just accidently touch them the polish doesn't budge. After finding this polish lifesaver my nails stay chip resistant up to a week or until I get bored or anxious and start picking at them. I now look forward to doing my nails because I know that I can make them look and stay nice longer.

It also does not hurt that the packaging of this and all of the Nails Inc. polishes is very sleek and shall I say polished looking. The metallic reflective cap does leave finger prints but has a very chic look to it. When you take it off you find the regular twist off cap that contains the wand and is easier to hold when you're using the product. I also rather enjoy not only the weight of the bottle as it is a bit heavier than your normal bottle of polish but also the shape of the bottle itself. The rectangle shape that is slight bowed inwards is very appealing to look at.

The 45 Second Top Cat with Kensington Caviar from Nails Inc. can be purchased from Sephora online or in store for a $15 14ml bottle and is definitely worth the money. It is also formulated without any Parabens, Sulfates and Pthalates and doesn't contain any synthetic fragrances, GMOs or triclosan.

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