Disneys Moana is a Heartwarming Sing-Along


Recently I was given two free passes to the press screening of Moana this past Monday for review purposes. I of course took my son as he shares my love of cartoons and Disney. Honestly, I wasn't exactly sure what this movie was about since I never watched any of the trailers fully. Sometimes I like being surprised about a film instead of the whole thing being laid out for me in two minutes.

This was such a cute movie and was surprisingly long for an animated Disney film. It is just under two hours with it being an hour and fifty-three minutes long. For it being that long it had my son glued to his seat watching it without any one of his multiple potty breaks and didn't even ask me if it was over it. When we got out of the theater all he did was talk about it and how much he loved it so I think it's safe to say that this movie is a hit for the kids both big and small as I enjoyed it to.

Most of the screenings that we attend are in 3D and I'm actually really starting to like it whereas before I wasn't such a big fan. The effects of the 3D paired along with the amazing animation maked everything looked incredibly realistic. If not were it for the bright colors and had it been done in more "normal" colors the film would probably have been far too realistic. The animators truly paid attention to every little detail in everything from the earth to the sea and everything in between. Even the trees and waves were realistic looking with the way they moved and how they didn't look flat like the cartoons of old.

When I sat down in that theater chair I had no idea that this film was a musical. Did you know that it's a musical? This is when watching the trailer might have been beneficial for me but then I was pleasantly surprised by the songs in this film.Yes there are quite a few of them throughout the film but just like Frozen, they are beautiful songs that play a role in the characters story. That without them, the characters story wouldn't have had such a power behind it and might have been rather lack luster.

Which brings me to the story line and the characters. At the beginning of the story I was anxious for it to get rolling and into more depth as I thought it was starting out slow, but as the film progressed I realized that while I was slightly bored at the beginning it was all necessary for the basis of the story. It was laying down the foundation that every movie has to have and some sadly lack. All in all, I thought that the story and how the characters intertwined with each other worked out very nicely and flowed together perfectly. The only real complain that I have is that of these coconut dudes with arms and legs played a small role in the film (maybe 5 minutes) and seemed kinda pointless. I was left wondering who they were, where they went and if they were actually walking coconuts or just used them as like body armor. Oh and Heihei, the crazy chicken that isn't all there, was funny bringing in some laughter but got redundant as it felt like the film only brought him in it needed a comedic break.

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