My Current Nail Care Routine

Sitting down to do my nails is one of those things that I absolutely cherish because I get some time to myself but then I also get frustrated with it sometimes because I am highly impatient waiting for my nails to dry. I tend to only do nail art when I have nothing else to do so I can just sit around forever watching my polish dry or in most instances, getting frustrated because it didn't dry quick enough and I buggered them all.

But I took some time one day (about an hour or so) to sit down and share my nail routine in a video. I go from the beginning of taking my old polish off all the way to my preferred top coat and share all of the products that I currently use when I do my nails. Just like everything else, I love finding new products to use and try out, especially if they make things easier when I have minimal time for things with my child running around wanting something every five minutes. Check out my video below and let me know in the comments what your favorite nail products are. 

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