20 Family Christmas Movies

We've been watching so many Christmas movies in our house lately and it's absolutely wonderful. When I was a kid I couldn't wait until Christmas time for the normal reasons that a child would but also because I loved watching all of the Christmas movies and specials that would come on. Nothing has changed in that aspect except now I have my son to watch them with and he loves them as much as I do and there are more movies to watch in 2016 then there were in 1990.

This is part two out of three as previously I did a post on 20 Romantic Christmas Movies and part three will be about animated children's Christmas movies. There are so many movies, both new and old that I love to watch this time of year and a couple that I tend to watch over and over. The top four movies are some of my absolute favorite Christmas movies that I will even watch all year round. Which family Christmas movies do you and yours enjoy watching every year?

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