A Christmas Birdhouse

There is no denying the facts that A) I absolutely LOVE Christmas and B) crafty would be my middle name if it could be. Doing crafts has always been one of my hobbies and something that I enjoy doing more than most things. About three years ago I got the idea to convert birdhouses into holiday decorations with my Halloween Birdhouse which I absolutely love and for my first one I think came out pretty cool. Well, this year I went on a decorating extravaganza and dumped Christmas all over my birdhouse.

I picked up the plain non painted birdhouse from Michael's with a 50% off coupon (best way to shop there and fuel my hobbies) along with most of the other supplies. I picked up the glittery light bulbs from Walmart along with the acrylic paints that I used since most of mine are on the old side and I already had the two candy canes and the cardinal bird in my collection which are actually buttons. Surprisingly, I used far more hot glue to do this than I had expected so it's a good thing that I had some saved up. 

For the snow I used this stuff from DecoArt called Snow-Tex which I also got from Michael's. It took talking to different staff at different stores to find something that would do what I wanted until I finally found an associate that knew exactly what I was looking for. This stuff smells horrible and is kind of hard to work with but with some patience and the right sized paint brush it all worked out right. For the snow on the roofs shingles (not the edges where there are piles) I thinned the Snow-Tex out with some water and then used a sponge to dab it on there. 

I made the wreath myself instead of buying one since they were all too small to cover up that flower looking hole. I just took some 12" pine rods (they look like pipe cleaners) found in the Merry Minis section of Michael's, connecting it to itself and then wrapped some of the holly accessories (from the same section) around it and then of course hot glued it on. I did this same combo to add them as a trim to the edge of the roof as well. 

Even though I would have liked to of done something different to the door and window I absolutely love how this came out. Making this was so much fun and I really want to make more for various holidays and non-holidays because I have so many different ideas for them. It would be awesome if there was a want for this because I would make so many different ones and sell them in an Etsy shop or something. For now, I need to find either a local store that sells year round miniature pieces or an online shop that does since after Christmas Michael's won't have the holiday ones anymore. 

This has become the perfect decoration to sit on our fireplace mantle with everybody's Christmas stocking. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my newly renovated house :) and I would absolutely love it if you shared my Christmas birdhouse with your friends and followers.

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