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Thanks to the company Blogging for Book, I got the opportunity to request another book to read and review here on my blog. Previously I had read and reviewed the book "June" which I had also posted about. My closet and clothes are an absolute mess so when I saw "The Curated Closet" I immediately clicked on it and requested for it to come my way.  

This book is full of beautiful pictures of clothes, color palettes, outfit pairings and has some very helpful graphics. Before I started reading the book, I flipped through each page just to look at the pictures and look over the graphics just so I could get a feel for what the book was going to be about but also, admittedly, so I could just ogle all of the clothes and accessories. Sometimes I feel as if certain clothes won't look right on me so I don't wear them but I still enjoy looking at them and wishing that I could pull them off. Maybe I can but I just don't give them a full chance. 

While I flipped through, reading page after page, the switches in my head started clicking. I began to see the light in the closet and it meant that I needed to change some things. I started by changing the things that I already had in my closet and ended up donating some items that had to go. Out went the pieces of clothes that had holes or stains, the ones that I haven't worn since the one time I wore them after I bought them and the ones that I was holding on to because even though I have gained some weight and can't fit into them currently, I would tell myself that I would again some day. 

All of those things that didn't need to be in there were taking up so much room in the little amount of space that I have in my closet and dresser that it was a relief to get rid of them instead of sad to see the money that I had spent on them go to waste because realistically, I wasted my money on most of my clothing when I bought them originally. I say this because most of my clothes are/were of cheap quality and cheap in general.

This book talks about buying clothes that are of a higher quality and made better and yes they will cost more but there is that saying of "you get what you pay for." This does come into play I have noticed with my clothes because buying one item and paying extra for it because it will last me longer is in the long run better as apposed to buying multiple pieces that will wear out in a short amount of time because they were cheap all the way around.

So like I said, I have purged my closet of things and I am slowly going through it again to get rid of anything else that I might not need, wear or fit into now or anytime soon. If you are looking to make room in your closet or figure out a new wardrobe then I would definitely suggest this book. 

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