Another Year Older at Disneyland

These pictures from my birthday trip to Disneyland last year are far overdue. I shared some over on my Instagram but never got around to sharing my favorite ones that I took here on my blog. I didn't take that many pictures of the trip since I took more video footage but I thought I would share my favorite pictures with you and a big thank you to the Disneyland PR team for giving me two press pass tickets for the day.

For me, the moment I see the parking garage at Disneyland I get excited and then my excitement just escalates immensely from there. From the moment I come down the escalator from the garage and see the tram that takes you over to the park, to walking through the bag check area so I can get to the other side and be in the middle and have Disneyland on one side of me and California Adventure on the other, up to the moment I walk through the turn style at Disneyland and see Mickey's head in front of me that is made out of flowers. But when I get the most excited is when I walk down Main Street and see Sleeping Beauty's castle. My trip just seems far more real at that moment and I'm reminded of the times that I spent my birthdays there as a kid before we moved away from California. 

Meeting Kylo Ren was the absolute highlight of my birthday. I've watched Star Wars the Force Awakens many times because I have a thing for the dark side. I've also added the playlist from my YouTube channel that has all of the videos from my birthday trip, including the day before my birthday that we spent at Knott's Berry Farm, and if you watch the video in there of when we met Kylo Ren I look like a giddy little school girl. 

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