Nelson Ghost Town - My Sons View

Welcome to the very first travel interview with my son. This idea was given to my by Suzie from "I am but Wandering" after I expressed my want to add new content to my blog and specifically some involving traveling with my son who is seven. These interviews with him will be an add on to my own travel posts but his interviews will hopefully give the sense of what the particular place traveled to is like for kids. So please enjoy my little interview with him along with some of the pictures (most of them without his finger in the picture lol) that he took himself.

Momma: Where did you travel to today?
E: Ghost Town

M: Do you know how long it took to get there?
E: I don't know
M: How long did it seem to?
E: Umm 8 hours

M: What did you do there?
E: Took pictures and buy stuff
M: What did you take pictures of?
E: Took pictures of the town
M: Anything specific?
E: I think I saw aliens, skeletons and house
M What did you buy there?
E: A key, two magnets, a crystal, a purple crystal and a ghost chest

M: Did you have to do a lot of walking?
E: Oh my god yeah

M: Did you learn anything while you were there?
E: umm no....yeah to wear better shoes

M: What was your favorite thing to see there?
E: The shop
M: How come?
E: Because the shop is super cool
M: What make it so cool?
E: Because there is all kinds of stuff there that you can buy

M: What was your least favorite part?
E: Walking because my feet hurt

M: Who did you travel with?
E: My momma, my gramma and my nana 
M: Was it fun traveling there with your family?
E: Yea
M: What makes your family so much fun?
E: They're silly

M: Did you have fun there?
E: A lot of
M: What made it so much fun?
E: Going everywhere in the town and taking pictures

M: Did you stop anywhere else?
E: Barnes & Noble and Denny's

M: Did you have a travel snack?
E: Yes I did. Mike & Ikes

M: Do you think other families and kids would enjoy this place?
E: Yes because they would love it. I think so

M: Thank you for letting me interview you!
E: You're welcome (said in a deep growly Batman like voice)

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