About Me

Are you new here?
Yes, well than I am more than excited to have you here. Please, grab something to drink and join us under the beautiful trees. 

     Hello friends! My name is Kimberly and I am a single mom to the most amazing little boy that I could have ever been blessed with. Also, I attend college full-time where I will be graduating later this year with my associates degree in business administration. Afterwards I am thinking about continuing on to get my bachelors but in something else. I enjoy learning but preferably about what I have an interest in. 

     We live in the desert where it can get up to 120 degrees during the summer which is when I call my hibernating time of the year. I'm a reverse bear lol. I'm definitely a cat person since I live with 4 (not all are mine though) but I want a dog and love animals in general. 

     I absolutely love music and movies but absolutely nothing scary. Completely chicken that I am and my overactive imagination goes crazy with them. I own more books than anything else. 

     My blog is a place where I get to connect with others and share the things that I enjoy or don't. Here you can find posts on various life experiences of mine as well as events that I attend. My experiences as a parents and things that I do with and teach my son. Since I have an obsession with all forms of beauty products and especially books you can definitely find reviews on things that I am using or have used/read. Art & crafts is also something that I am really into so I enjoy sharing my latest DIYs, kids crafts, projects I am working on as well as the art pieces that I do. Baking & cooking are also a few things that I dabble in so you can sometimes find a recipe of something that I have recently tried out.

           But, you never know what I might post because I just enjoy writing & sharing things that I have a passion for and believe others somewhere in the world might find interesting. 

Thank you for stopping by :)

I hope you stick around for awhile and look forward to hearing from you. Don't forget to comment because I enjoy reading them & responding to them.

Take care!