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Hey there! I thought that I would compile a list of the questions that I have gotten asked the most over the years all in one place. Some are blogging and YouTube related while others are pretty much just life related.

What camera do you use? For photography I use a mix of my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and my camera which is a Nikon Coolpix L620

What do you edit your blog photos with? I use Paint.net, PicMonkey and the editor on my phone.

How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging on Twinkling Trees since 2012 but I had various blogs before that. I had a Live Journal blog many years ago.

What do you use to edit your YouTube videos? I used to use Movie Plus X5 from Serif but now I use Filmora by Wondershare.

What got you into blogging? Well, I'm mostly a hermit and a homebody but I have a ton of hobbies that I dabble in. I read blogs like mine for a long time and loved them so I decided to start my own.

How did you come up with the name "Twinkling Trees"? That's an easy one. I love trees and love them even more when they have pretty lights in them. My Christmas tree is always filled with lights and I love how more places like business districts and such are putting lights up in their trees. It's so pretty and fancy looking I love how it looks.

Did someone inspire you to start your YouTube channel? Yup. I got into watching YouTube videos back when I was pregnant in 2009 and came upon Harriet's channel. Even though she's in England we have been friends ever since and for around 4 years or so now.

How old are you? I am 33 until July 18th gets here.

Are you allergic to anything? Sadly yes. I am allergic to shellfish and my son is deathly allergic to tree nuts. He can't have peanuts, tree nuts or coconut containing or processed with products.

Is Las Vegas where you're originally from? Nope. I am originally from Southern California but my family moved us here back in 1994 when I was 11 much to my protest.

Why are you so obsessed with Disney? Being from California originally I used to go there ALL the time. Disney movies were my best friend growing up and they actually inspired me to start drawing. Disney is one of those things that I have memories with and connect with. If I could live at Disneyland I totally would.

What platform is your blog on? I have been on Blogger ever since I started this blog.

Who designed your blog? I designed it using various HTML/CSS tools online.

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