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Put A Little Hop In Your WishList

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 4/19/2014

Even when it comes to Easter I have an addiction to online window shopping. The bright & pastel colors, the cute designs in everything and the reminder that Spring is here. Online shopping, browsing and filling up my wish list basket with tons of stuff has always been a guilty pleasure of mine as I am sure it is for a number of you as well. It's just a fun way to relax and see what's new, old & on sale. 

So after E & I went to an Easter event today I thought to myself "why not share some of my Easter favs on the blog" and here they are. Aside from Easter I think a big theme in these favs are the colors. I am a sucker for things that are colorful. My eyes just find them highly appealing. 

Are there any Easter items that your eyes have been attracted to this year?

A Little Bit About Me In The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 4/16/2014
While perusing through Glossyblondes blog I ran across a post that she did that was this super cute quiz called the Blogmopolitan quiz which she got from the blog Two Thirds Hazel. I love doing the quizzes that come in magazines just for grins & giggles so I totally had to give this one a go. Turns out that there are actually two of these quizzes that Erin (Two Thirds Hazel) made and here is the first one. 

So, did you happen to learn anything new about me or find out that maybe we have something in common? Are you like me and enjoy doing these little quizzes just for the fun of it? Also, don't forget to check out Niki & Erin's blogs as they are a couple of my must read blogs.

Tea Party Tuesdays #26

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 4/15/2014

Thank you so much to all of you that linked up to the party last week. I truly love checking out the posts that you all link up every week. I cannot wait to see what you all link up to the party this week. But before we get to the party let's check out this week's spotlight posts and for those that were one of these spotlight posts, don't forget to grab your featured button if you would like to.

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What Is Wrong With Kid's These Days?

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 4/14/2014

Seriously. What is wrong with a majority of the kids these days? First off, while E & I were at one park about 2 weeks ago playing on the jungle gym as normal, one of the much older kids that was milling around the swings was standing there cursing. He had to of been in junior high but even when I was that age I didn't talk like a drunken sailor. I probably didn't adapt that kind of language into my vocabulary until well into my high school years and even then I didn't talk that way around little kids nor around my parents at the time. I know that it's super common for these kids to be hearing this kind of language all over the tv & movies and at home or around friends, I know that I don't exactly put a cork in it myself, but what I think is the key factor in all of this is teaching kids about swear words and how they can affect people and if you are going to say them then how to use them properly and when not to. Like at your parents, teachers and around little kids. Is there ever a good age for kids to swear? I really doubt it but I think there is a good age to learn about the cause & affect of them. I should add that this kid was at least polite enough to apologize to me when he saw E standing there so he did have some manners at least.

Then on the same park outing we were hanging out on the swings together just having a grand ole time when some high school kids came and started littering the jungle gym and using the same language. That didn't bug me but what did bug me was one of the girls staring me down just about the whole time they were there. They had apparently come for the swings and oops I had just busted their plans. Oh well. And like some little high schooler staring me down is going to make me remove myself & my kid when he is having fun. Yeah I don't think so but she did try her hardest and we ended up staying there for a good long time after they had gotten there. Sorry but I'm not moving my kid or myself for anyone but other little kids. I swing with E all the time but when another little kid wants on I will gladly get up and let him or her have it especially since it's designed for the little ones. When we finally did leave they didn't get the swings because some other little boys took our places. I know a majority of high schoolers think they are entitled to things, I was in high school once so I know, but boy are they entirely wrong and one day they will learn like those of us that are far out of those years have.

My last "what is wrong with these kids these days" moment happened two days ago. E and I were at a different park running around and playing in the water zone area when he went down the slide and accidently hit one of the boys that was just milling around on the other side of it. It was an accident but that didn't stop that kid from punching E not once but twice and he was probably a year - year and a half younger than him too. Being the momma cat that I am I marched myself right over there and was like "wth?". You don't punch other kids especially not when it was an accident. The other boy with him actually tried to stick up for him and I was even more like "No. It was an accident you don't punch him or anyone else especially not when it's accident". I'm not their parent (who by the way was off 50 fifty away bbqing and not paying attention) but I'm not going to stand around and let other kids be mean to my kid who knows better than to behave that way.

Maybe it's because I've gotten older and have a kid of my own but I see the way these kids nowadays act and treat their parents and I think "what is wrong with them". Some people say it's the parents fault, some says it's the kids fault while other say that it is the fault of the kids environment and what movies, music, friends and such that are in their lives. I can't say who's fault I believe it to be but I can say that I personally know that with a good upbringing that teaches respect, manners, morals and human decency the kid has a bigger chance of turning out just fine and tend not to act in these ways. I would be a product of a good upbringing like this as my momma raised me right and I thank her for that. I had my teenage issues just like most but I am very grateful for the way she raised me so I wasn't like these kids that I see walking around now. I truly hope that my son doesn't turn into one of these kids and right now I seem to be raising him right as he is always complimented on his manners and how polite he is. Hopefully it will always stick with him.

Do you think the same thing about the kid's these days? What are your thoughts on the subject?

p.s. don't forget to vote for the book's for this year's book club reading list and I hope you'll join us tomorrow for the Tea Party Tuesday's linky party
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