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Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 9/19/2014
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Happy Friday everyone and a good Friday it is at that. This quote just so happens to be from one of the greatest fictional characters in my vast collection of books. It's by Professor Albus Dumbledore himself and it just so happens that as I type this I'm watching a Harry Potter movie. The Goblet of Fire to be exact and if you hadn't guessed yet, yes I am a Potterhead and proud to be one.

Ok, so back to the quote. I believe that if you live without dreams you are not entirely living. Dreams give you a sense of purpose, hope and something to strive for because normally you want your dreams to come true. Yet sometimes, if you're like me, you tend to believe that you will not be lucky enough to have those dreams come true but I say "STOP that type of thinking" because your dreams CAN come true. You just have to believe in them, yourself and turn that dream into an accomplishable goal.

After years of trying to accomplish my dream of becoming an Esthetician and trying to do so with two previous schools I thought it would continue being a dream. That it would never happen even though it is something that I have had so much interest in and have wanted to do for years. I finally got a few things working in my favor and decided to try one more time with a different school that offers everything that I want and as of yesterday I am officially enrolled to begin my 9 month long training to become a licensed Esthetician starting next month. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for this new journey in life. Not to mention turning my dream into a goal and accomplishing it.

So anything can happen just so long as you put effort into accomplishing it.


Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 9/17/2014
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Ankle booties are a fashion must have in my book. You can find them in a variety of styles to fit just about anyones personality and style. Being extremely versatile, they can dress up any outfit from summer dresses to a simple tights and top outfit or even a grunge rocker look. The sky's the limit when building an outfit around these beauties. 

Camel // Black // Grey // Peach
Sand // Red // Broken Black // Brown

Particularly my favorite time to dress up an outfit with a snazzy pair of booties is Fall & Winter. I absolutely love my knee high boots which I wear a lot during these seasons but they can sometimes cut my body off which tends to make me look shorter than I actually am. Ankle booties on the other hand, elongate the leg and can make a the wearer look taller. 

The multitudes of colors, textures and styles that they come in these days are just absolutely beautiful. Lace ones are new to me but are gorgeous and would be perfect paired with summer dresses. Suede ones are always lovely and soft just so long as you keep them out of water so as to not ruin them. Leather, faux leather and rubber ones look nice but overtime they seem to crease more which seem to be a lot more noticeable due to how shiny they are.

Black is extremely classic and can either stand out or blend in with an outfit and the ones that tie in the front are cute and add a little extra something to a look. It doesn't hurt that they tend to remind me of a witch's shoe just thankfully without the long pointed toe. Yet when accented by a different color they just pop and would be the one that I would build an outfit around. 

Ones with wider heels, at least an inch wide, I prefer the most as they are not as painful to wear and are easier to walk in which is great since I'm a tad bit of a clutz. Skinnier heeled booties are great though to dress up an outfit for a special occasion and possibly one where you wouldn't always be on your feet.

All 12 of these are seriously on my wish list as I have been oohing and ahhing over them and my mom even ended up putting about 7 of them on her own wishlist. My absolute favorite pair out of all of these are the ones 3rd column over, 2nd row down. They come in 4 different color options and each one is absolutely gorgeous and just happen to be my perfect type of bootie for these colder months. 

My Favorite Fall Polishes For This Year

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 9/14/2014
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It's no secret that I love Fall nail polishes especially since just the other day I did this post on the one that broke me into the season this year. Wearing my Fall polishes makes me feel like Fall is already here when in reality it is still over 100 degrees here which is thoroughly depressing? Anybody have cold weather that would like to trade? lol

I love deep dark colors for Fall and well pretty much all year round really. Plus a bit of shimmer & glitter never hurts here and there especially when you do nail art with a creme finish polish and either a shimmer or glitter like I did in the below image that I posted over on my Instagram where you can follow me to see all sorts of pictures that I post if you'd like to.


I've done a few previous posts and reviews on a few of these polishes that you can check out if you would like to.

Thanks so much for stopping and reading today! You're absolutely awesome and I hope you stop by again and I would love to know what your favorite Fall nail polishes are. If you feel like it let me know in the comments section below. ☺ 

Polishaholic: Rimmel London 60 Seconds | "Sage All The Rage"

Posted by: Kimberly Renee on 9/11/2014
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September is here which means I can break out all of my Fall polishes which I tend to love more than any of my others. Deeper colors just seem to look better with my seriously pale skin tone.

This season I'm starting it off with this beautiful shade from Rimmel London's 60 Seconds collection that I absolutely love. It's definitely one of my favorite green colors if not my favorite since it's not shimmery, pale or sheer and goes great with my pale slightly red skin tone I think.

The formula is one of my favorites as it is thicker which I prefer and even though it doesn't dry completely in 60 seconds it almost is. For me, it only needs maybe two more minutes to be completely dry depending on how thick of a layer I put on. It does need two layers I find to get a nice opaque finish and not look streaky like the first layer tends to.

It has a nice glossy finish just by itself and lasts a good 2-3 days before wearing at the tips which is great since I'm not using a top coat as I have yet to find one that I like. Any suggestions? So many pluses with this polish in my book and even better that you can get them for under $2 from